Who I Am, Where I’m At

I currently am a Welding Instructor at the College of New Caledonia. By currently I mean that I have a contract until July 7, and after that who knows! There is more work in the fall, but my position has to be reposted and I have to interview for it with my collegues and hope that they like me! I feel pretty confident that I will continue on as an instructor here.

I am relatively new to instructing. I taught for 9 months at BCIT and have been here at CNC since August of 2016. I know a little and have a lot to learn still! My hope and dream is that I am at this very desk in 5 years. I am part of a team of 6 instructors in my department that get along really well, and we all want to stick together for a long time.

In the coming years, after I have completed my PID, I hope to join different organizations such as the CWB, AWS and help to spread my knowledge with other like-minds. I also would really like to get my Level 2 Welding Inspector. It is a lot of work and requires two years of previous inspecting hours to attain it. I will continue to upgrade my skills as time allows because instructing in a perfect environment is not the same as working in the field. Nothing is perfect outside these walls!

I hope to be better than I am today, because there is always room for improvement. Anyone who says they know everything or have nothing to improve on is only fooling themselves.


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